KebNi has been cooperating with the Spanish technology supplier Indra for many years. KebNi is working with Indra in two Navy roll-out programmes:

BAM project:

The Spanish Navy uses Indra/KebNi Maritime antenna systems for their Buque Action Maritima (BAM) ships. The BAM ships are modern offshore patrol vessels. KebNi has delivered the stabilization system which is integrated with Indra’s own developed 1.3m X-band antenna and RF solution for high performance and redundancy.

Dual band X/Ka project

The Spanish Navy also uses Indra/KebNi Maritime dual band 1.8 m X/Ka antenna system. The first unit was supplied and installed in 2015 and is now in tactical operation. The dual band system is currently rolled out on Frigates and other important vessels of the Spanish Navy. KebNi supplies the stabilizer software and all the control.